As you may have guessed, I love party planning! Bob has had a themed party every year. Even for her first birthday when she was too young to really know what was happening. We had a teddy bears picnic. I bought a gorgeous fabric tea set and a picnic set and my friend knitted lots of party food.

When Bob was 2 we had a clown party. Bob was old enough to understand birthdays by now so we had themed games that the children could access whenever they liked and circus party food.

Her 3rd birthday was when the party really got going! We had a woodland fairy party. My friend made Bob a gorgeous costume and we had themed food that I was really proud of. We also went on a fairy hunt.

This year has been no different. Bob asked for a Disney princess party so I put a lot of time and effort into planning a wonderful party for her and her friends. It was the first year that Bob was in full control of the invitations. For previous years I have invited friends of mine who have children which are Bob’s friends. This year Bob chose who she wanted to invite.

She gave me a list of children’s names, some of which I didn’t know. I took the list into nursery to check that they all existed. 🙂

We then started to make the invitations. I think an invitation sets the theme of a party, whether it’s a 3D clown, a woodland fairy scroll or a sparkling princess wand.

Our nearest town is lovely if you want to walk around gift shops and eat lots of cake. If you have a specific shopping list though you may struggle. I looked everywhere for pink glitter and wand sticks. I then had a brain wave! Cake pop sticks would be perfect and I was sure that edible glitter would do the job. I visited my local cake decorating shop and got everything I needed.

I printed out the invitation wording. On the front I wrote a little poem and on the back I wrote all of the party details. I then cut them into stars.

Bob helped with the glittering. I applied the glue around the edge of the star and she was in charge of making them sparkly.


We then glued the stars onto the cake pop sticks and tied some ribbon on them. I was really impressed with the results.


Bob couldn’t wait to give them to her friends!


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    Do you have a template for the star.

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