I had planned on Bob wearing the fairy costume that we reviewed a few months ago for her birthday party. That was until my friend Emily said that she would make her an outfit.

I am not sure what I was expecting. I knew it would be fabulous as everything that Emily does is brilliant but I didn’t know that it would be quite so amazing!


Emily put a lot of work into it! Her house was taken over by fairy mania for a while.


When she arrived with the costume on the morning of Bob’s birthday we were all amazed! The wings looked so realistic I was convinced they would be able to fly!



Bob looked wonderful!



Thank you Emily! You turned a birthday girl into a fairy princess!


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  9 Responses to “A Fairy Costume Fit For A Fairy Princess”


    Aww!! How adorable! What a lovely costume!! Hope she had a great birthday x


    Those wings are unbelievable. I so want some!!


    Thanks for your kind words angel! X


    Great work Emily! Bob looks gorgeous and so do u Charlotta! Xx


    Amazing costume and perfect for you too Charlotte xx


    That is such an amazing costume – did you fight over the wings… heehee x looks like she had a blast! xx

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