We have been very lucky with the weather for Bob’s birthday parties in the past. At her Teddy Bear’s Picnic and her Clown Party everyone needed sun cream.

I anticipated good weather for her 3rd birthday and planned a Woodland Fairy Party. I had visions of the children sitting outside, under the trees, on little toadstools. My friend made some lovely spotty cushions to go on top of tree stumps. They were fab!


I planned a fairy hunt around the orchard and I couldn’t wait to put up our teepee! Unfortunately the weather had other ideas.

It rained so much on the day of Bob’s party that we had no choice but to move the party indoors.

We made the best of it but it would have been much better if we could have been outside. The toadstools just didn’t look the same in the living room as they would have done under the trees!



We still put up the teepee and I filled it with toys, books, games and a woodland fairy dressing up box but it rained so much that the teepee leaked so we didn’t get to spend much time in it.



Bob and her friends still had a lovely time!

I have many party posts to share with you, including the fairy food and the fairy hunt. Watch this space!

Thanks again to my fabulous friend Emily for taking photos at the party.

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  4 Responses to “Fairy Party – Setting The Scene”


    I so need to have a child just so I can be invited to one of your awesome parties, I think the tree stumps still look pretty amazing, and I love that you got to so much effort and think of the small details. You are so my party guru!!


    Looks amazing, shame about the weather, one thing you can never guarantee on isn’t it! x


    Such a shame about the weather. Hope Bob enjoyed it anyway. The toadstools look amazing. Such a lovely idea x

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