Oct 062013

I wrote several posts about Bob’s 2nd birthday, using the wonderful photos that my friend Emily took. I thought that I had published all of them but I have just been going through my drafts and I realised that I had missed one.

As well as the parachute and the giant beach balls there was lots more fun to be had! I bought a clown ball toss and a quoits games and we also set up Bob’s garden toys. The children (and some of the adults) enjoyed running around the garden choosing where to play.









I think that this is almost the last party post. I still have to write about making Bob’s birthday cake but that is turning into an essay of a post. (I have now finished my How To Make A Clown Birthday Cake post.)

Do you think it’s too early to start planning Bob’s 3rd birthday party?

If you would like to see the other posts about the party click on the links below.

Bob’s 2nd Birthday Party – Parachute

Bob’s 2nd Birthday Party – Food & Drink
Bob’s 2nd Birthday Party – The Birthday Girl
Bob’s 2nd Birthday Party – Black & White

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  8 Responses to “The Lost Party Post”


    Looks like you had a super fun day! Happy 2 Bob 🙂


    Such nice colourful photos. She looks so happy and it looks like a brilliant party. Love her tights!


    Now that looks like lots of party fun


    Oh what a lovely bunch of photos – they look so happy!


    Some lovely photo’s – and the weather is in stark contrast to what we have here now! It seems like a lifetime ago! 😀


    I’ll just read the text, I won’t look at the pictures… :p


    What lovely sunshine and smiles!

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