Share A Smile - Newborn Photography

I have been attempting to take some newborn photographs of Bow. As he is tiny I turned up the heating and made him as cosy as possible. Things did not go to plan. Within half and hour he had weed on a backdrop and a fluffy cushion and pooed in a basket. 🙂 I managed to take a few and I want to take some more before he grows too much. They grow up far too quickly! Here is a [click here to read on]

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Why You Need To Hire a Professional Portrait Photographer

Image by bniice via Flickr When it comes to striking personal portraits, or exceptional family and function photos, conducting amateur photography to save money is always tempting. While it may be true that almost anyone with fingers and a camera may be capable of taking a good photo, a novice will not be able to (without an extreme amount of luck) capture the timeless moments you want to save, with the same level of quality that a professional can. You [click here to read on]

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You Have Got To Be Kidding Me!

Here are a few more photos from Compo’s photo shoot. To find out the story behind his nickname and see photos of him in a bucket click here. This little sequence of shots made me chuckle. I imagine that this is the moment where he realises that he has two big sisters and he is outnumbered. 🙂 Bless him! He doesn’t realise it yet but wrapping his sisters around his little finger will be no problem as he is so [click here to read on]

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The Last Of The Summer Wine

My friend has recently had a baby boy. She now has 3 children under 4, I don’t know how she does it, she deserves a medal! A few months ago I photographed her little ones for her. I have several photos that I want to share with you, including my troubles of getting a restless 18 month old to sit still, but for now I want to concentrate on her gorgeous baby boy. He was born at 32 weeks and [click here to read on]

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The Softest Robe In The Land

A gorgeous item arrived in the post this morning! The delivery was delayed as I put down the wrong address. When will I realise I’ve moved! As soon as I saw the item I knew I had to get this post published today as the little people in your life need one of these this Christmas! Bob loved unwrapping her delivery. It was beautifully packaged! Inside the box was a reindeer robe! It had antlers (or ankles as Bob calls [click here to read on]

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Pregnancy Photo Shoot - Peek A Boo

When we were taking my friends pregnancy photos she wanted to recreate a photo that she had found on Pinterest. This involved her peaking from behind something showing her bump. After a few attempts we manage to position her halfway behind the backdrop. I had my husband standing on a chair holding the backdrop at the perfect angle. Sorry Michael! The first couple we took didn’t work. The way her top fell didn’t show off her bump and there was [click here to read on]

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Ella Bella Photography Backdrops Review

I am always on the lookout for new photo shoot ideas! I have one vinyl background, which is white, and I have wanted to get some other backgrounds for a while but the vinyl ones are so expensive and I was not sure how sturdy the paper ones would be. When I was given the opportunity to review some paper backgrounds from Ella Bella I was interested to see what they would be like. I was really impressed! The paper [click here to read on]

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