I have been attempting to take some newborn photographs of Bow. As he is tiny I turned up the heating and made him as cosy as possible.

Things did not go to plan. Within half and hour he had weed on a backdrop and a fluffy cushion and pooed in a basket. 🙂

I managed to take a few and I want to take some more before he grows too much. They grow up far too quickly! Here is a sneak preview of the photos that I have captured so far. I will share the rest with you when I have edited them.



I have also been working on capturing newborn smiles. When they are falling asleep and they reach the REM stage their breathing quickens and then they smile! It is so lovely to watch!


If you have written about something that made you smile or captured a photograph that melts your heart I would love it if you linked up below. Posts from your archives are welcome as long as they make you smile. 🙂

The linky will open on a Saturday and run for a week, so feel free to pop in at any time. I am happy to read happiness any day of the week.

If you don’t have a blog and you would like to join in you can share your smiles on social media. On twitter & Instagram use the hashtag #shareasmile and tag me in the post so that I don’t miss it. You could even share a smile in the comments section below or post one to my Facebook page if you prefer.

Looking forward to smiling with you. Smiles are contagious so it is better to share them than keep them to yourself!

To read why I started this linky click here.

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  20 Responses to “Share A Smile – Newborn Photography”


    Ooooooooh I think I’ve just fallen in love, he is so gorgeous! Sounds like it was a trial just to get the shots but they were worth it! x


    I liked this post. Not just for the cute pictures but because of the things that dodn’t go to plan. Hee hee.


    Congratulations on your new born, those photos look lovely 🙂 x


    Ah congratulations on your new little one, he is so cute! Such lovely ideas x


    omg, I’m about to drown in hormones. That crinkly toothless smile. Those toes! The fat little leg creases! .Those photos are too freaking gorgeous.


    Aw, those are some gorgeous photos!


    Oh my goodness! He is just adorable!


    What some beautiful photos, just so cute, the last one just made me smile so much. x


    He is absolutely adorable. Such a lovely smile and he looks so peaceful sleeping x


    cuteness overloaded!!


    How gorgeous! I really love the smiley one! Stunning!


    Awww, these photos are amazing! I love them, the last one is just amazing! Adorable!!


    That smile has literally just turned me to goo, how utterly adorable x


    This is adorable! I was actually reading an article on newborn photography the other day and I found it fascinating. Didn’t know that it took so much work to get those cute pics!


    Awwww adorable baby and adorable photos. So lovely to capture these precious moments as they pass so fast.


    Those photos are just adorable! Will link up when I’m on laptop x


    What a gorgeous little peach and that smile definitely made me smile 🙂 xx


    Oh my gosh – too cute! I always said mine were ‘brand new’ when they were first born! Kaz x


    I have always wondered how people manage to take such beautiful newborn photos without them pooing and weeing everywhere! Now I know! These photos are so beautiful! He is absolutely gorgeous xx


    These are beautiful. It reminds me there are still a few pictures I need to get of my son, he is six weeks old ad losing that “newborn” look quickly! xxx

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