Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul DVD Review & Giveaway

It is lovely now that Bob is old enough to watch things that we enjoy too. At the weekend, she loves staying up later than Bow and watching a film with us. It is lovely to have some family television time that doesn’t involve Peppa Pig. On Friday night we watched the new film in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. We haven’t seen the other films but I have heard that there is a new cast in this [click here to read on]

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Sep 202017
Mixing Fun

I have a mixer that cost me a small fortune. It is a very well known brand and I thought that I would love it and it would last me a lifetime.  I have been disappointed with it. The beater doesn’t seem to reach the bottom of the bowl so in order to mix thoroughly I have to put pressure on top of the mixer.  I have also damaged the beaters. I popped them in the dishwasher and they are [click here to read on]

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That's Not My Unicorn Review & Giveaway

Bow loves the ‘That’s Not my…’ books. He has a couple of them at home and he always picks up one to borrow when we go to the library. They are a lovely range of books and I love the beautiful illustrations. The 50th book in the award winning series is my favourite! That’s not my Unicorn is wonderful! It is filled with magical illustrations and lovely touch and feel details.  It also has a pearlescent cover and rainbow sprayed [click here to read on]

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Splashing's Review

Bob loves making videos and she also loves watching You Tube! The other day as she was watching an unboxing video she asked. ‘Mummy, do you think I could be on You Tube one day?’ When I told her that she was already on You Tube she was amazed! I thought that she knew! Goodness knows what she thought I did with her videos. Maybe she thought we were just playing at video making. We watched a few of her [click here to read on]

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Animal Jam Series 2 Review

Bob loves the little toys that you can collect. She has several collections that are ongoing. When she saw the advertisement for Animal Jam on television her eyes lit up! I knew that a new collection was about to start. When I was asked if Bob would like to review some of the new Animal Jam Series 2 I knew that she would be over the moon! She was very excited when I told her and she couldn’t wait for [click here to read on]

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Bob The Builder DVD Review & Giveaway

Children’s programmes have changed so much since I was younger. Bob The Builder used to look a lot different! He is now much more modern and even looks a bit younger somehow. 🙂 When I was asked if I would like to review the new Bob The Builder – Dig This DVD I thought that Bow would love it. I was right. He was mesmerised throughout the episode! And he loved the talking machinery. What I didn’t realise is that [click here to read on]

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Electric Jukebox Review

In our house we all love music. Even Bow! The minute the music starts to play he starts clapping his hands and bobbing up and down. Bob loves music too and she also loves dancing! It has been a long time since I have been able to watch Strictly Come Dancing as Bob insists that I watch her dance instead. Until recently I hadn’t heard of Electric Jukebox. It is a device that allows you to turn your television into [click here to read on]

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