For Bob’s 1st birthday party I made a buffet. I found this very tricky as I was so busy running around at the party that it was hard to concentrate on the food. I ended up leaving half of the buffet inside so we had to have two courses.


This year we decided to keep things simple. My husband loves to BBQ and this would take the pressure off me so we decided to have hot dogs which seemed to fit well with the clown theme.


I made clown cupcakes and smarties cookies and filled up little spotty ice cream tubs with sweets.



I put salted, sweet and toffee popcorn into large bowls and I bought some little popcorn boxes for people to help themselves. I also had a selection of crisps in case people still wanted something savoury after their hotdogs.


The rule at our parties is ‘Help Yourselves’. I would hate to think that my guests were sat there wanting a drink and I hadn’t noticed. When people arrive I tell them to help themselves. I hope that this makes people feel welcome and doesn’t make them think that I am a rubbish hostess! Our parties always seem to have a relaxed atmosphere so hopefully this is the case.



I made a clown birthday cake for Bob and I am planning a ‘how to’ blog post when I finally get around to it.



Thank you Emily for more of your fabulous photos! You are a star! x

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  8 Responses to “Bob’s 2nd Birthday Party – Food & Drink”


    Beautiful photos and a fantastic cake. Happy birthday.


    Such an amazing cake! Puts mine quite to shame. I think a help yourself policy is best too, I always forget about things otherwise!


    This looks like such a fab party! x


    Ooo, I’m an easy going ‘help yourself’ hostess too. BBQ and treats sound like the perfect combination. Looking forward to reading more about the cake x


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    aww that is such a cool birthday. I love it! The cake is fab! Glad you had a lovely day xxx


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