At the beginning of July we went to Reighton Sands. It is a lovely small Haven site right on the beach. I will blog about our time there when I eventually catch up with the many posts that are running around my head.

Whilst we were there we went to the Sealife Centre at Scarborough. I saw the perfect opportunity to have our Me & Mine photo taken.


I didn’t like this photo and I had hoped to take another one but as we are in the middle of potty training it was either this photo or one of Bob’s bottom. It is also terrible quality as it is a photo of a photo. Sorry!

As always the 7 of us involved on the Me & Mine project are going to link up in a big circle so you can hop around our posts if you wish. This month I am sending you to the Lauren’s blog, Real Housewife Of Suffolk County. Lauren is lovely and so is her blog so if you are unfamiliar with it you are missing out!


We also include a Linky with our Me & Mine posts so that you can share your family portraits too. This should show up on all of our blogs but since the beginning of the year I have been fighting a losing battle with the code. Last week I finally got it to show up on my blog. This week, after a bit of technical tinkering I hope that it will work! Fingers crossed! I’ve shown you Me & Mine now show me You & Yours.

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    Haha, love it. Not least because its as The Sealife Centre in Scarborough where the hubby and I went on one of our earlier dates!!!
    Even though you aren’t keen on it, I think it’s lovely. And it tells a story of a day out you had on your holiday, which is great. X


    It doesn’t matter it’s not a photo you have taken, all that matters is it has captured your month and you definitely have here! Looks like lots of fun! Xx


    I think it’s great. At least you will always remember where you went this month in years to come. 🙂


    That’s a cool family photo. 🙂


    What a fun family photo! x


    It doesn’t matter that it’s a photo of a photo – it’s still a family photo of a good day out x
    p.s. I hope the potty training is going well!


    I LOVE this. Your photos are always fun. I love your dress too.
    Good luck with the potty training xx


    those moments are priceless so terrific you included it :o)

    Is there anyway that us tag-along Me and Mine-ers can post the linky up too? I’ve not worked out how to share everyone elses posts either


    Well it made me giggle! And it’s not really about the super technical photography as it is pinning down the every day here and now of another month, and on that basis it’s perfect.


    We had a great family portrait like this a few months ago – with all our extended family! I love it – I think it’s a fab idea! Gotta take every opportunity to capture those family moments!


    Bob is like…What am I supposed to be doing here? Lol. Captures a good moment I think 🙂 Would love to hear how your potty training is going. We have been going for a few weeks now and still have a looooong way to go! I’m refusing to stress about it.


    That is a super awesome picture and fun to look at. I want to go to a small haven on the beach. We are on the water alot but not as much as I would like to be. Thanks for sharing!


    I think it’s a brilliant photo. Made me smile anyway 🙂


    That’s great! Lovely memory too


    That looks great fun!

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