I love parachutes! My time working in a school and my teacher training showed me just how much fun they can be!

I ordered a small one online to use at Bob’s birthday as I thought that the colours would be perfect for the clown theme. I was certain it had arrived and I put it in a ‘safe place’ with the other things for the party.

The day before the party I couldn’t find it anywhere! My husband kept saying that it must not have been delivered but I was certain it had. My sister in law had mentioned that she had some at school that we could have borrowed when I told her that I had ordered one. I text her to see if this would still be possible but as she was working she didn’t get my text straight away.

I also text my friend to see if her school had one that we could borrow. She said that she would have a look but she hadn’t seen it for a while.

I was worrying as I really wanted a parachute at the party. My husband looked online and found a small one in stock at Tescos. He went to buy it for me. He is such a star!

In the next couple of hours my world went parachute mad! My friend turned up with one from her school, my sister in law text to say that she had 2 we could borrow, Michael arrived home with the one that he had been to buy and I found the original one that I had ordered. Oops!

I went from being parachuteless to having 5! My friend took hers home as she was unable to come to the party and I didn’t want there to be a delay in returning it to her school.

The small ones were too small for everyone to play with but the huge ones from my sister in law’s school were fab! We had so much fun!









Thanks Emily for more brilliant photos and thank you Charlotte, Catherine & Michael for all the parachutes! 🙂 x x x

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    When I was younger, I ran the summer playscheme in the village and the parachute was always a huge hit. Such a great idea x


    You’d be very welcome! x


    Wow it is huge!! Happy second Birthday to the very lovely Bob!!


    Fabulous photos! Looks like bob had a blast! I love parachutes as well, children love them 🙂 x


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