Bow & The Shaving Foam

We go to a lovely sensory play session on a Wednesday morning. Each week there is a different theme. Last week’s theme was the weather. We made rainbows with coloured ribbons, tried to freeze things with our wands and there was even a foam machine for when the weather turned wintery. At the end of each session there is messy play. Bow wasn’t a fan of the ice cubes. Every time he touched them he instantly pulled his hand away [click here to read on]

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Mar 032016
World Book Day Fun

Today is World Book Day and many children are going to school dressed as their favourite book character. When I asked Bob what her favourite book was she had a hard time deciding. She loves books and there are so many that she enjoys! She decided that ‘What The Ladybird Heard’ was her favourite. I said that I could make her a ladybird costume and she was quite excited. I explained that I could make her a red padded shell [click here to read on]

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Jun 142015
It's A...

The other day Bob and I went on a little adventure to film our gender reveal. We can now tell you that it’s a… To see more of our videos, including our birth announcement, click here.

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It's A Dog's Life

Hello, I’m Sally Bob’s 4 legged friend. I always see my mummy (Charlotte) working on her blog so I thought it was time I had a go. I am very interesting and I know everyone would love to read my stuff! Charlotte was sent a Go Pro Hero camera and a special harness for me to capture my day as part of the Petplan Pet Takeover campaign. At first I was a bit unsure as I am a bit of [click here to read on]

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Easter Craft Ideas & Easter Fun

Bob is already very excited about Easter! We were in The Works the other day and she found some Easter masks. Her Auntie Emma had given her 2 shiny pounds to spend and these were only £1 so she bought a pack. She had great fun wearing them around town and made many passers by laugh. When we got back to Emma’s house Bob’s cousin had just arrived home. Bob was very excited and made him wear the masks too. [click here to read on]

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Ella Fitzgerald Eat Your Heart Out

At least now that Christmas is over we won’t have to listen to Bob’s Ella Fitzgerald impression anymore. Ha! Ha! Ha! I am amazed at my daughters songbird like qualities! 🙂 Sorry Ella! x P.s. I am not driving, I am in the passenger seat! Thought it looked a bit dodgy from the angle and wanted to clarify.

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Dec 312014
Happy New Year

I haven’t shared many of the downs of 2014 on my blog as I love that my blog is my happy place but I can safely say that I am glad to see the back of it! This year we seem to have had so much thrown at us and when I thought I had hit rock bottom I was proven wrong. Just when things started to look up and we thought the worst was behind us, something else was [click here to read on]

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