We go to a lovely sensory play session on a Wednesday morning. Each week there is a different theme. Last week’s theme was the weather.

We made rainbows with coloured ribbons, tried to freeze things with our wands and there was even a foam machine for when the weather turned wintery.

At the end of each session there is messy play. Bow wasn’t a fan of the ice cubes. Every time he touched them he instantly pulled his hand away as it was too cold. We decided to go to the shaving foam tray.

Bow was unsure at first. He prodded the foam with his finger and didn’t look very impressed.

messy play caution

He started to get a bit braver.

baby sensory play ideas

He then decided he liked it and thought he would go for a swim.

shaving foam play

He was covered!

shaving foam sensory messy play

When the time came to clean him up I didn’t know where to start.

messy play for babies

I randomly wiped him with baby wipes until I could recognise him again. 🙂

Tomorrow I am taking a towel!

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  8 Responses to “Bow & The Shaving Foam”


    Endless fun with shaving foam, my little babog loves it too. I hate cleaning it up too, does be a disaster


    I had heard of these sessions when my two were younger and when my I had my son finally went to one. They are good fun but very very messy! Lovely pictures x


    Brilliant! I’ve done shaving foam play with my guys and they loved it. Great that you can go to sessions to do this, keeps the worst of the mess out of your house 🙂


    Ahh I love this is so messy but also not messy (if you get me!) It looks like so much fun and he definitely had a great time x


    Aw these play sessions look so fun! We used to go to baby peep when Isla was younger and they did lots of sensory bits and bobs. It’s great for their development 🙂 x


    Oh bless, it looks likes he’s having a lot of fun in there xx


    Ha ha! Oh bless him. My little girl used to love sensory play at Bow’s age. She used to get so messy but she was deliriously happy. At home I used to do lots of messy play with her in the bath. It was brilliant because the mess was contained and it meant that afterwards I could just run a bath to clean her up. It also had the added benefit of reminding me to clean the bathroom. Hugs Lucy xxxx


    Aww he looks like he has had lots of fun We have a messy play class near us but not been in ages.

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