I often wish that we lived nearer to the seaside. I love walking down a beach and there is something so lovely about a never ending horizon. I would love to live near a deserted beach that nobody else knew about. Unfortunately I don’t think there are many of those about. Fortunately my parents live in Blackpool. It is definitely not deserted but it is a lot of fun!

We went to visit them recently and we had a lovely day! When we arrived at the sea front the tide was in so we went on the pier whilst we waited for it to go back out. There are some rides on the South Pier and Bob loves them. She is so brave and wants to go on all the roller coasters. Luckily she is too small for them as I am worried that I will have to go on them with her when she is tall enough.

my daredevil girl

She went on a few rides with my nephew and it was lovely to watch them.

riding a carousel on blackpool pier

teacup fun

When the beach had reappeared we went to build some sandcastles.

building sandcastles

It was Bow’s first time on the sand and he was a bit unsure at first. When he got used to it he enjoyed the feel of the sand in his hands.

sandy hands

He also seemed to like the feel of it in his mouth so I had to make sure that he kept his dummy in. It wasn’t the warmest of days. Bob was brave and kept taking her cardigan off. She also went for a paddle at one point, crazy girl. I was thankful for Bow’s woollen cardigan and I wish I had thought to take mine with me.

baby boy on the beach

Bob had a lesson in how to skim stones from my nephew. She also had a ride on a donkey, which she really enjoyed!

riding a donkey at blackpool

We love going to visit Grandma and Grandad and the fact that they live in
Blackpool makes our visits even more fun.

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.

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  13 Responses to “Oh We Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside”


    Aw, the little one looks so cute in that brown cardi.

    I remember my first roller coaster ride. It was my 7th Birthday and I went in to it so brave. I hated every second though! I was howling crying. The guys working the ride laughed a lot 😀


    I wish that we lives closer to the sea too, especially with our first child on the way. I bet kids love spending time on the beach.


    These pictures are gorgeous! I grew up pretty much on the beach and loved it as a child! x


    Looks like a fantastic day 🙂 Such beautiful photos.


    Oh I do love to see a traditional seaside! I live by the sea yet very rarely go xxx


    We’re very lucky to live right by the beach and it’s a lovely for the kids.


    I love Blackpool. It’s not posh by any means, but it’s completely honest and no-one needs to pretend they’re doing anything else other than having some fun 🙂


    I love the good old British seaside, there is nothing better for the soul than a couple of hours at the beach!


    I love the seaside and also wish I lived nearer for me and the children as it can be quite therapeutic to walk along the beach 😉


    We live less that five minutes from the beach, but I always say people on holiday spend much more time there than we ever do, life is always too busy!


    Your pictures are so nice. I also love to go to the seaside. It’s especially nice with the kids and when it is sunny!


    Such lovely photos, I love going to the seaside x


    It looks like you all had an amazing time! Some of my best memories are with my children on the beach having fun!

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