I love Halloween. Long before I had children I loved dressing up and going to parties and themed events. My favourite costume was the marshmallow man. I bought a white boiler suit and glued marshmallows all over it.

how to  make a marshmallow man costume from ghostbusters

Although I loved how this costume looked, it wasn’t the comfiest outfit. I used 5kg of marshmallows to cover the whole suit. 5kg was hanging from my shoulders throughout the party and after a while my shoulders started to ache. It was still my favourite Halloween costume and it also provided a late night snack when people started to eat the marshmallows.

Michael was a ghost buster, which he was very pleased about as it didn’t involve face paint.

fancy dress diy pumpkin smurfs

We once went to a fabulous Halloween event in an old hotel. They served spooky food and the tomato soup starter had eyeballs (pickled onions) in it. I was a pumpkin that year and I almost won first prize but a man dressed as teen wolf was sat on a bigger table and they cheered the loudest so I had to make do with second place.

Now I am a mummy Halloween is even more fun and I am constantly looking for new Halloween recipes and fun ideas.

kids spider costume halloween

We love making pumpkins, baking Halloween themed goodies, going to Halloween discos, following pumpkin trails and dressing up to go trick or treating.

cat pumpkin design

We dress up Sally and take her with us. She loves walking around the village and getting fuss from all the children. She even got a dog biscuit at one house the year before last.

halloween costumes for dogs

Bob loves baking and it is even more fun when you have a theme. We have made lots of Halloween biscuits and cupcakes. Last year, time was a bit limited as we had a new baby but we still managed to turn Oreo biscuits into spiders.

oreo spider biscuit halloween

Both my babies have dressed up since their first Halloween when they were both little pumpkins. Bob was 5 months old, Bow was only 1 month.

baby pumpkin costume

Even though he was so young he still joined in the fun. He dressed up in a lovely pumpkin suit that my friend gave him and came to the Local Halloween disco. He slept through most of it and I doubt he can remember any of it but he was there.

baby halloween warm costume

The disco was the weekend after Halloween as they combined it with their bonfire. On the 31st October Bob wasn’t very well. She had wanted to go trick or treating but she didn’t feel well enough. We managed to persuade her to take some medicine and she perked up just in time for the trick or treaters to arrive. She put on her costume and she loved answering the door and giving sweets to everyone.

halloween fun for kids

We are looking forward to Halloween this year. Bob is already deciding what she would like to dress up as and I am sure Bow will enjoy it more this year.

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.

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    Love your outfits, my fav has to be the smurfs. And this one spiders are fabulous, going to do these with my.boys x

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