Mar 152018
Science Is Fun!

Bob’s school are holding their first Science Fair on Friday. Every child has to choose a Science project to work on. At first Bob wanted to find out ‘Who created God’. I thought this may be a bit tricky and I explained that Science and Religion are different things. She decided to ask ‘How Stars are made?’ instead. We had lots of fun researching this. I learnt a lot too as I didn’t know how Stars were made either. She [click here to read on]

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Dad's Flying Lesson

For my dad’s 60th birthday we wanted to get him something really special! He is a fabulous dad and a wonderful grandad so we wanted to spoil him! He loves planes and he used to make aeroplanes as a career. My sister suggested a flying lesson and I thought that this was a great idea! We found a flying experience in Blackpool. It was much cheaper than booking a gift experience! We booked it as a surprise but we checked [click here to read on]

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A Great Way To Travel

We have just returned from an amazing holiday in Disneyland Paris! I am looking forward to sharing our fabulous holiday with you. I took hundreds of photos, Bob had the time of her life and Bow loved meeting all of the characters! First I wanted to tell you about our journey. I am not a fan of flying. I hate taking off and landing! I will fly if needed but I don’t like it. We thought about getting the ferry [click here to read on]

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Child Development Disguised as Play: Fun Ways to Foster Creativity in Your Children

Each child has his or her own type of intellect. One child may show a talent for artistic creativity, whereas another may be more analytical. Whichever way your children’s gifts lie, it’s important to foster creativity at an early age, and this often involves finding activities that challenge them and make them explore beyond their comfort zones. Here are some tips for cultivating creative minds. Creative coloring: The mandala coloring book app features over 100 intricate designs including people, places, [click here to read on]

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Planning the Perfect Easter Egg Hunt

Bob loves Easter and she is very excited about the Easter Bunny visiting. We have had an Easter egg hunt since she was tiny and always try to find some fun Easter days out. Easter is one of the most important Christian festivals of the year and is often greatly looked forward to by children and adults alike for the chocolate eggs and egg hunts. In the UK, people plan a broad range of fun-filled activities on Easter day, for [click here to read on]

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Christmas Craft Ideas For Kids

We love Christmas and we love crafts so when Wyndsors asked us if we would like them to send us a box of Christmas craft fun we were very excited. They sent us a box of crafty goodies and some inspiration. Our friends came to visit for the weekend and Bob had lots of fun crafting with her Auntie. They made some Christmas tree decorations, using the stencils, some card and a selection of buttons. Our craft box contain some [click here to read on]

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The Real Father Christmas

Bob is only 5 but she is already questioning Father Christmas. I think we have a few years of the magic left but I am having to explain things to her a lot more. The other day we were watching Arthur Christmas. For those of you who haven’t seen it, they deliver the presents in a modern way using lots of technology and zip wires. Bob was not impressed by this and she told me that wasn’t the way that [click here to read on]

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