Christmas Craft Ideas For Kids

We love Christmas and we love crafts so when Wyndsors asked us if we would like them to send us a box of Christmas craft fun we were very excited. They sent us a box of crafty goodies and some inspiration. Our friends came to visit for the weekend and Bob had lots of fun crafting with her Auntie. They made some Christmas tree decorations, using the stencils, some card and a selection of buttons. Our craft box contain some [click here to read on]

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The Real Father Christmas

Bob is only 5 but she is already questioning Father Christmas. I think we have a few years of the magic left but I am having to explain things to her a lot more. The other day we were watching Arthur Christmas. For those of you who haven’t seen it, they deliver the presents in a modern way using lots of technology and zip wires. Bob was not impressed by this and she told me that wasn’t the way that [click here to read on]

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Halloween's Coming

I love Halloween. Long before I had children I loved dressing up and going to parties and themed events. My favourite costume was the marshmallow man. I bought a white boiler suit and glued marshmallows all over it. Although I loved how this costume looked, it wasn’t the comfiest outfit. I used 5kg of marshmallows to cover the whole suit. 5kg was hanging from my shoulders throughout the party and after a while my shoulders started to ache. It was [click here to read on]

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Oh We Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside

I often wish that we lived nearer to the seaside. I love walking down a beach and there is something so lovely about a never ending horizon. I would love to live near a deserted beach that nobody else knew about. Unfortunately I don’t think there are many of those about. Fortunately my parents live in Blackpool. It is definitely not deserted but it is a lot of fun! We went to visit them recently and we had a lovely [click here to read on]

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Bow & The Shaving Foam

We go to a lovely sensory play session on a Wednesday morning. Each week there is a different theme. Last week’s theme was the weather. We made rainbows with coloured ribbons, tried to freeze things with our wands and there was even a foam machine for when the weather turned wintery. At the end of each session there is messy play. Bow wasn’t a fan of the ice cubes. Every time he touched them he instantly pulled his hand away [click here to read on]

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Share A Smile - Enid Blyton

Bob and I are reading The Wishing Chair together before she goes to bed. I love Enid Blyton and I love being able to share them with my daughter. She seems to enjoy each chapter and she understands that we can’t read the whole book in one night. She also doesn’t seem to mind the lack of pictures. At first she would ask where the pictures were but I explained that you didn’t get as many images in the more [click here to read on]

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A Very Sparkly Piggy Bank

Bob has no concept of money. I keep trying to make her understand the value of things and I am hoping that soon she will start to understand. At the moment if something gets broken or damaged she says, ‘That’s alright, we’ll buy another one.’ I really dislike this attitude and I am working hard to change it! Here are some financial tips that I am using to help Bob understand the value of money. 1) Compare The Value Bob [click here to read on]

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