Bob loves Easter and she is very excited about the Easter Bunny visiting. We have had an Easter egg hunt since she was tiny and always try to find some fun Easter days out.

toddler easter egg hunt

Easter is one of the most important Christian festivals of the year and is often greatly looked forward to by children and adults alike for the chocolate eggs and egg hunts.

In the UK, people plan a broad range of fun-filled activities on Easter day, for example, last year, several exciting activities were planned throughout the country, with a large amount of the country participating in them. If you are also planning to throw a nice dinner party or thinking about organising an Easter hunt, you should start preparing for it in advance as they can often grow into much larger events very quickly.

Here’re are some interesting tips, brought to you by York Timber Products, for hosting an Easter party.

Finalise the Time in Advance

When it comes to planning an Easter egg hunt, the first thing that you need to decide is the time. Since all the people have their own plans for this festival, you need to finalise a perfect time to organise an Easter egg hunt so that people can easily participate in it.

Having everyone involved is part of what makes the event fun, missing out a few of your family and friends due to poor time management can affect the day.

easter fun for kids

Organise the Egg Hunt in Your Garden

If you have a beautiful garden, make sure that you plan your Easter egg hunt in it so that you can hide the eggs in various places and take advantage of the space.

Think of places to hide the eggs, not just in the plants but places such as a garden shed or other gardening storage.

Ensure that all of it is properly vetted with any potentially harmful equipment properly stored away to avoid any accidents.

Sort out Prizes

No Easter Egg Hunt is final without prizes for the winners and runners up, driving competition between everyone involved. Giving out prizes for specific gathering tasks can also be fun, such as collecting a certain amount of eggs all the same colour or the most individual colours, providing some variety to the event. Prizes such as chocolate or toys are a good, low cost option for an Easter egg hunt party.

lovely ways to decorate easter eggs

Providing Snacks & More Activities

It’s a good idea to treat your Easter egg hunt preparation like a party, providing snacks and meals with other activities to do alongside. This ensures that everyone is involved in some way rather than just the children.

Usually at most Easter egg hunt parties, there are other activities that everyone can get involved in while the hunt for eggs is on. Adding these will allow for a lot more children to get involved and not feel left out.

Activities such as, Egg and Spoon race and Egg decorating, all of which are quite simple to arrange with the items you already have if you’ve setup an Easter egg hunt. Placing these around the house so that not all games are put into one corner gives you the best chance for a successful Easter party.

See how companies such as York Timber Products can help you with your garden so that when these kinds of events come around, you’re prepared and have the space available to host.

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.

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  17 Responses to “Planning the Perfect Easter Egg Hunt”


    Easter is such a fun time for little ones, I love your ideas to plan in advance 🙂


    This is very helpful because I am planning to do an easter egg hunt! Will keep this info in mind


    I am excited for the easter as well. Good thing there are so many things to do to celebrate easter. Being artistic for the egg paintings as well to prepare for the egg hunt.


    I’m planning an Easter hunt for my niece – I cannot wait! Thank you for these tips. xx


    Lovely post. My kids are so into Easter eggs now.


    I’d love to plan one of these in my own home! Finding chocolate around the place is so fun 🙂


    This is a great post for tips, my kids used to love easter egg hunts, I miss these days x


    My parents used to do easter egg hunts for me and my brother every year. They’d make clues and hide little eggs all around the house/ garden for us to find and I used to love it x


    I used to love an Easter hunt as a child, but it’s nice that I get to enjoy it with my niece and nephew x


    thinking about it, ive never participated in an easter egg hunt as a child lol. great tips!


    This is a great post! We often organise an easter egg hunt by my mums house, as she lives right near a wood! It makes for a super fun, and different egg hunt!


    When looking around your blog, I fell in love with your design it’s super different to anything I’ve seen before! Also this easter egg hunt sounds like so much fun, wish we could do them as adults! x


    Easter egg hunts and activities are so much fun. My daughter is a teenager now so isn’t really interested in them any more which is shame, although she still loves eating the eggs!


    Some great tips for a hunt we plan on having this year for the twins not sure who’s more excited me or them lol


    These are great tips! I used to love Easter egg hunts as a kid!


    We planned an easter egg hun with our niece and nephews a couple of years ago and they LOVED it! I love this post x

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