We love Christmas and we love crafts so when Wyndsors asked us if we would like them to send us a box of Christmas craft fun we were very excited. They sent us a box of crafty goodies and some inspiration.

Our friends came to visit for the weekend and Bob had lots of fun crafting with her Auntie.

keep kids entertained with christmas crafts

They made some Christmas tree decorations, using the stencils, some card and a selection of buttons.

making christmas decorations with children

childrens christmas craft ideas

Our craft box contain some multi coloured, battery operated fairy lights. I was very keen to make something that used these but first we used them to restrain Bow. 🙂
* He loved it and we didn’t leave him tied up for long!

controlling children at christmas

There was an idea for a little light up Christmas tree on the inspiration sheet that accompanied our craft supplies. I thought about making this but in the end We decided to make a bigger tree using glittery card, a kitchen roll tube, sellotape, the fairy lights and a pipe cleaner for the star. Bob was going to help me but she got distracted so I ended up making it on my own.

I cut 3 triangles out of the green glitter card and stuck them together in the shape of a Christmas tree. I then coloured the bottom of the kitchen roll tube brown and attached it to the glittery card. Using a pencil, I made holes in the tree and then popped a fairy light through each one. Finally I made a star out of a gold pipe cleaner and taped it to the top of the Christmas tree. 

christmas tree crafts

I was really impressed with the result. Children could easily make this (if they are willing and not distracted).

light up christmas tree craft

Windsors sent Bob and Bow some new slippers so that they could be comfy and cosy over the festive season! Bob adores her My Little Pony slippers.

children's slippers from wyndsors

They also sent some reindeer hot chocolate cones! I thought they were too nice to open but Bob couldn’t resist hot chocolate with marshmallows!

reindeer hot chocolate cones

Crafting is a fantastic way to keep children entertained over the Christmas period. You can find other ways to keep them busy over on the Wyndsors website.

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