Each child has his or her own type of intellect. One child may show a talent for artistic creativity, whereas another may be more analytical. Whichever way your children’s gifts lie, it’s important to foster creativity at an early age, and this often involves finding activities that challenge them and make them explore beyond their comfort zones. Here are some tips for cultivating creative minds.

Creative coloring: The mandala coloring book app features over 100 intricate designs including people, places, flowers, animals, buildings, and mandalas accompanied by 25 color palettes to choose from. Designed to boost your creativity, you can use this app to create beautiful images with the touch of your finger, then share them with friends and family.

Reading: Every time a child reads or listens to a story, he or she enters a whole new world. Not only does reading involve many different literary skills it activates a kid’s imagination. Children love to make up new scenarios and when you’ve finished reading a book that you son or daughter has really enjoyed, you may want to think of ways you can develop activities related to it, such as character role play, drawing scenes from the book or making up your own story with the characters.

reading with children

Get Crafty: A great way to get into craft projects with your kids is by recycling. Hold onto egg cartons, cereal boxes, milk bottles, straws, toilet roll inserts, and anything else that can be used for an art project. You can incorporate all these items into crafty endeavors such as, and under the seascape, a miniature puppet theatre, a model pirate ship, or a desert island scene.

craft easter fun

Dressing up: Kids love to dress up and pretend to be someone else; it’s part of their natural creativity. Keep a chest full of dress-up closes for them to wear. You can gather items from your local thrift store. You could even use the materials to make outfits like a pirate, a doctor, a king or queen, a pioneer, and a super hero.

dressing up boys and fairies

Encourage ideas: Encourage your kids to come up with their own ideas for creative projects and let them have free rein. At meal times you could brainstorm activities for the coming weekend. Focus on the act of planning rather than evaluating the ideas. Give your kids a chance to come up with things they want to do that they’ve never done before.

Kitchen crafts: As soon as they are able to kneel on a chair at the kitchen counter you should teach your kids how to cook. Baking is especially fun because they will love the feel of dough in their hands. Make cookies with silly icing faces, gingerbread men and cupcakes with sprinkles. It’s a fun activity and they’ll love eating and sharing the results of their project.

baking with kids

These are all fun ways to foster creativity in your kids. Make them part of your everyday life and your kids will be creative thinkers and happy little people.

Katherine Read works at a children’s nursery and has 2 kids of her own. She writes about raising kids right, her articles can be read on Mommy blogs mostly.

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  13 Responses to “Child Development Disguised as Play: Fun Ways to Foster Creativity in Your Children”


    I honestly think that reading is the best way of fostering creativity. It helped me through so much and made me a better writer and thinker x


    So many wonderful activities to foster creativity in children. It’s so very important for them to have ways to indulge in their creative whims and really helps them learn so many important skills.


    Thank you for this as I have been trying to foster creativity with my niece. Lovely photos xx


    Love this post! Some really great ideas for little ones, fun and creative 🙂


    So lovely, I am looking forward to when my twins start being creative.


    I’m loving your ideas! My friend is a room leader in a nursery and she always talks about giving kids random things and making them create something out of them as they have to think about what they can do with the items rather than just doing it! xxx


    Reading is so powerful when it comes to learning. Even as an adult I have to develop myself through reading every single day!


    These are great ideas, my kids enjoy helping baking and also dressing up


    Fab ideas. My daughter enjoys playing dress up so much.


    Love these suggestions, my son doesn’t like dressing up yet x


    Great ideas. Reading, crafting and dressing up are all big favourites here.


    Such a great article! My son loves kitchen crafts and recycling egg cartons and toilet rolls!


    I love reading to my son and we are making our way through Roald Dahl at the moment and we love the words used and the phrases in the books. Your so right about hearing stories and how they open a child’s imagination

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