We have just returned from an amazing holiday in Disneyland Paris! I am looking forward to sharing our fabulous holiday with you. I took hundreds of photos, Bob had the time of her life and Bow loved meeting all of the characters!

meet and greet with mickey mouse disneyland paris

First I wanted to tell you about our journey. I am not a fan of flying. I hate taking off and landing! I will fly if needed but I don’t like it. We thought about getting the ferry from Dover to Calais but I didn’t like the thought of the car journey from North Yorkshire to Dover.

We decided to take the over night ferry from Hull to Zebbrugge. We have never done this before so we weren’t sure what it would be like. It was much less driving time and the ferry sounded fun so we were happy to give it a go.

We loaded up the car and realised that it was a good job we weren’t flying. Michael’s big car was full to bursting and we would have definitely been over our baggage allowance!

Michael got a new car recently and it is nice to drive and comfortable to travel in. The children have portable DVD players in the back of the car so we hoped the journey would go well.

It only took 2 hours to get from our house to Hull and Bob and Bow were as good as gold! We had planned to visit The Deep in Hull but as we only had a couple of hours to spare we decided to go to a Wacky Warehouse instead. This gave Bob and Bow chance to run off some energy before we boarded.

We drove onto the ferry a couple of hours before we sailed. We went to the show bar for a drink and even though the entertainment didn’t start until later there was music and flashing lights on the dance floor. The bar man said that the children could run around on the dance floor and they had a great time dancing and chasing the lights.

We then went for dinner. There was a Brasserie on board but I didn’t think this would be very child friendly so we decided to eat in the buffet style Kitchen. There was plenty of choice and we all enjoyed it. Bob had to have two puddings as she couldn’t decide. She had ice cream followed by apple crumble and custard.

We then went to the soft play area. It was only small but there was enough to keep Bob and Bow entertained. Bob made a boat out of all the soft blocks and Bow climbed. This is his favourite thing to do at the moment and it was good that he could do it safely.

We then went back to our room and went to sleep. Bow is not the best sleeper but he slept brilliantly on the boat! I think the movement settled him. We all slept well and we woke up when they announced that breakfast was being served!

After breakfast the children played in the soft play for a little while before it was time to return to our car. It was a brilliant way to travel as it felt like part of our holiday rather than a journey.

It then took us 3 hours to drive from Zebrugge to Paris. We stopped at a service station to break up the journey and there was a little room full of rides and games for the children to play. We arrived at Davy Crockett ranch feeling refreshed and ready to have some more fun!

The ferry that we were supposed to take home was cancelled so we ended up having to extend our holiday. It cost us a small fortune to stay an extra night as we weren’t able to book in advance but we all appreciated the extra time there.

We travelled back to Zebrugge a day later than planned. Again the children were brilliant in the car! I had taken lots of DVDs to keep them entertained but they ended up watching the same thing again and again.

We decided to drive down the seafront in Zebrugge as it was a lovely sunny day and we had time to spare. We came across a bar on the beach with lots of things for the children to do. There was a play area, a bouncy castle and lots of slides and play houses. We had a lovely time, soaking up the sun, building sand castles and having fun! It was the perfect end to a wonderful holiday!

what to do with children whilst waiting for the ferry in zebrugge

what to do with children in zebrugge near p and o ferry port

The ferry crossing back to Hull was also brilliant. We did the same things as on our outward journey as it worked so well. Again, we all slept well and it didn’t feel like we were travelling.

As we drove home we talked about our wonderful holiday and how great it was to travel this way. I am now looking at holidays in France for next year.

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.

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    Sounds like you had a great journey! I happen to be from the French Riviera so please, do give it another go and come down south next year – I’m sure your kids will love the beaches here. : )


    I was really interested to read this, I was set a challenge recently to travel to and from Amsterdam (we go next week) without flying, we are going eurostar on our outward journey and ferry from Rotterdam to Hull on our return. This has set my mind at rest about our return journey x


    I cannot wait until my daughter is more comfortable with trips like this!


    I remember going on a Ferry quite a bit when I was a child, it is actually a really nice way to travel, unless the sea is a bit rough whooops!


    last time i was on a ferry i was so ill, its made me hesitant to go again 🙁


    So glad that your jouney became almost an extention of the enjoyable part of your holiday. I had never thought to travel by ferry before to Paris.


    So glad your journey went well. We are thinking of going there later this year so it’s great to know that you found the ferry good.


    I am the same I’m not so good at flying either. I have to take tablets or I get very sick it’s awful. I’m just as bad on boats. I’d take tablets to go to Disneyland Paris though I’d love to go there.


    When I was a child I went to Disneyland Paris on a coach (and ferry) but because it was a 7 hour drive down to Dover from where we lived, I think my parents thought it was a bit too far and would fly next time or get the Eurostar xxx


    What an awesome tip and glad you share this with us and looks like you had an awesome experience there


    I’m sure it has been a lovely holiday and you all enjoyed it a lot!

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