Bob is already very excited about Easter! We were in The Works the other day and she found some Easter masks. Her Auntie Emma had given her 2 shiny pounds to spend and these were only £1 so she bought a pack.

She had great fun wearing them around town and made many passers by laugh. When we got back to Emma’s house Bob’s cousin had just arrived home. Bob was very excited and made him wear the masks too.

Bob’s uncle was upstairs having a nap and Auntie Emma decided that it would be quite funny if they tiptoed upstairs to show him their masks. Bob put on a chick mask and her cousin wore a hen one.

They both tiptoed upstairs. Everything was quiet. Then, all of a sudden we heard some crazy chicken screeching and a shout as Bob’s uncle jumped out of bed. 🙂 How naughty Auntie Emma! 🙂

It was very funny! I wish I had taken their photos wearing the masks!

Last year we had lots of easter fun! We decorated a huge chocolate egg, did lots of Easter crafting and went on an Easter egg hunt.

I am sure we will have just as much fun this year! I have been looking for Easter craft supplies and The Works has some fabulous products that I am going to buy. Here are a few of my favourites.


Little Book Of Easter Activities, Easter Bonnet Decorating Kit, Easter Rabbit Jar, Easter Egg Decorating Kit, Easter Face Masks, Easter Confetti Shapes, Easter Egg Foam Shapes, Easter Bunnies, Easter Flower Foam Shapes.

We definitely need the Usborne book of activities! I have also fell in love with the bunny jar for our Easter egg hunt. There is a lamb jar too but the bunny is my favourite. I think the little bunnies are adorable too! I have seen plenty of mini Easter chicks but I have never seen mini rabbits.

We can’t wait to start making lots of lovely easter things! Watch this space!


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