Bob has enjoyed baking since she was very young. Her skills have improved over time but I think she was better at baking when she was younger. Now that she has realised that everything taste so nice she tends to do more eating than baking. Sometimes we even have to stop baking as Bob can’t resist eating the raw ingredients.

When I was asked if we would like to take part in an Easter Egg decorating competition run by HRS UK I knew that Bob would love this! There was no raw egg involved so she could eat away. I wondered if any of the decorations would make it to the egg.

When the kit arrived Bob was thrilled!


She had a wonderful time decorating the egg.


I think that she especially enjoyed eating the melted chocolate!


I always knew that sweets and chocolate were great fun and I think I have convinced Bob now too!


Bob’s Grandma bought her a marshmallow Easter lollipop. We thought that the animals would look lovely on our egg. The pink bunny made it . . .


. . . but the yellow duck didn’t.


I was very impressed with the result and I was also pleased that most of the decorations survived!


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Happy Easter everyone! x

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    yummmmmmmmmmm xx


    What a lovely egg – looks very yummy!!


    Happy Easter to you too hon! x

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