After reading an Easter bunny book that my friend bought for her, Bob decided that she would like to do an Egg & Spoon Race. 🙂

I boiled some eggs and when they had cooled Bob decorated them.


We then went to have our race.


Bob thought it was great fun!


A couple of dropped eggs later and she realised that it was much easier to run if you held the egg onto the spoon.


I explained that the game was all about balancing the egg but she seemed to be having much more fun playing it her way.

She then ditched the spoon altogether and just had an egg race!


Oh to be 2 years old! 🙂

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

 Posted by Charlotte on April 23, 2014 Activities  Add comments

  3 Responses to “Egg & Spoon – Bob Style”


    Bob looks so grown up all of a sudden. It’s remarkable.


    cheat as much as you want love, it’s only easter once a year xxx


    So cute! Tell her to go for it while she can still get away with it!!

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