As some of you may know, I quite enjoy party planning and I am not one to do things by halves. If a party has a theme, I am in my element!!! We decided to have a teddy bears picnic to celebrate Bob’s first birthday, as she loves teddies! I searched the Internet for teddy bear themed party ware and found some fabulous plates, cups, napkins and party hats.

I also found some gorgeous fabric tea sets by Oskar & Ellen that I knew the children (and some of the adults) would love to play with and some fabulous tea party bunting!!!

When I was ‘testing’ the tea set a few months before the party (Can you tell that I was excited?) I remembered some fabulous knitted food that my friend Brenda had made for the role-play area at school. I asked her if she would make some for Bob’s party and she said she would love to.

Here is the fabulous food that she made. She is a knitting genius!!!

I have many handmade bears. Some that I have bought, some that I have made and some that have been made for me by my friend Sue. She is the reason for my bear mania as she makes such wonderful bears! You can see some of her creations on her facebook page, Fingers and Fums Bears. I didn’t want to take them to the party as they are not toys and the children would want to play with them so, instead, we had a little photo shoot before everyone arrived.

To top it all off (as I am one for fine detail) we had jelly teddy bears, teddy bear chocolate footballs, Pom bear crisps and I even found some tiny teddy bear sprinkles to put on my cupcakes!

Speaking of cakes, let’s not forget the most important part! Bob’s birthday cake! I made it and, if I do say so myself, I think that it is rather fabulous!!! That means that it must have been o.k. as I am usually very critical of my work. You can see my other cake creations here. I think that this is one of my best.

Although I want Bob to stop growing up now, as she is growing too fast, I am also quite excited about all of the wonderful parties that we have yet to come!

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    Thank you ! I do tend to get a bit carried away. :0) x


    Oh wow, that’s such a cool party! Love it 🙂


    That is so cool – you should set up your own business as a children’s party planner 😀


    Charlotte your birthday centre-piece cake is fantastic. Bob is very lucky to have such a talented Mum!

    The things you found for Bob’s party have given me ideas for our little man’s 2nd in September!!

    Brenda’s food is fab too. She is so clever. (I was with her yesterday and as ever she was brill)!!

    What’s your theme for MIchael’s ??? I won’t tell him – promise!!


      Michael is not allowed a party as he woud want something boring like a Ray Mears theme. I do want to throw an irish party for him but I may have to wait until his 40th. That’s many years away. Glad I have given you some ideas. x


    Have to add – I love my writing in the new font – it’s amazing!!!


    A woman after my own heart. I love a theme for a party. Cute plates and a lovely cake. Well done


    OMG this looks amazing and how cool are those knitted teasets and food! You’ve missed your calling hun, lol, party planning here we come! xxx


      After our wedding somebody told me that I should be a wedding planning but I could never do that as brides stress too much. Children I could deal with!!! :0) x


    That cake is lovely! Have you taken classes or just good with icing?!


    That cake is lovely! Have you taken sugarcraft classes or are you just clever with icing!?


    Thank you! :0) x


    Isn’t it fab! I will let Brenda know. x


    fabulous! you are wonder woman lovely x


    Wow it looks amazing. I don’t know what I’m going to do for Baby M’s first birthday, but it won’t be anywhere near as brilliant


    Wow, what lovely stuff! And that cake is amazing, you’re really good!! 🙂


    The knitted food is just so cute!


    Love The fabric tea set. Where did you get it?

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