A few days before Bob’s party we put the party bags together for our guests.

I like the contents of the party bags to match the theme when possible.


The toys and the bags were from Party Packs. They have a huge selection of party bags and fillers to fit various themes.


Trying to stick to the fairy/woodland animal theme our party bags contained:
A jitter bug – I love these and remember getting them when I was on holiday.
A bird warbler
A fairy activity & sticker book
A butterfly pencil
A butterfly glider
A Freddo bar
Some rainbow drops – I am sure that fairies would eat these
A drumstick – Not really relevant but I like them and I want to eat the leftovers! 🙂


Bob enjoyed helping me fill the party bags and she made sure that her bag contained pink items.

Click here to see how we made out Woodland Fairy Invitations.

Disclaimer: We were sent various items for Bob’s party free of charge and as they were all so fabulous I have written about them in several posts.

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  3 Responses to “Jitter Bugs & Warblers”


    Jitter Bugs remind me of my Grandad – they make me smile x


    did you ever try to shut the jitter bug really slowly to see if it still jittered when the lid was closed? Just me?

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