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On Saturday the 24th of May we had a Woodland Fairy Party to celebrate Bob’s 3rd birthday. I still can’t believe that my baby girl is 3!

My friend Emily took lots of photos at the party, watch this space. I also have lots of party planning posts that I have been saving so that I didn’t spoil things for our guests that I can now share with you.


It think that an invitation should set the theme of your party. The invitation is the first thing that your guests see and it should give them an idea of what to expect.

As our party has a woodland fairy theme I thought it would be nice to make the invitations using things from nature.

To begin with we glued leaves to paper but we just ended up with a soggy mess.

After seeing a few invitation ideas on Pinterest I decided that a scroll would be a lovely invitation to receive.


I printed the wording on to A4 paper and glued a stick to each end.



When the glue dried I rolled up the invitation into a scroll and tied it with some raffia. I then tied a piece of fern to the front.


I was really pleased with the result and people seemed excited to receive them!

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    They look so fantastic!! You inspire me to be a better party host in future!!

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