Since our holiday abroad when Bob was a baby we have preferred to go on family holidays in this country as it is much less stressful! Luckily there are many beautiful places in the U.K. Parkdean think that the U.K. has so much to offer in terms of beautiful landscapes, sandy beaches and wildlife that they put together a little quiz to see if people could tell which photographs were home and which were away. The results were very interesting.


Our friends moved to Devon last year and we have been exploring what Torquay has to offer. It is somewhere that I wasn’t really familiar with before but I have enjoyed it as a place to visit with the family and a place to have fun with friends. I love how there are palm trees everywhere. It makes you feel like you could be abroad.

During our last visit, Bob and I went to the Living Coast in Torquay. We had a lovely penguin filled day!


It was great to see the penguins wandering around rather than being confined to an enclosure.


At one point one of the baby penguins got a bit too close to Bob and a lady had to put a file in between them as she was worried the baby might snap. Luckily Bob still has all of her fingers! 🙂


There were other animals and birds and I even managed to capture a yawning seal on camera. I am going to save those photos for another time though as I want to make them into a GIF. 🙂


I would definitely visit the Living Coast again the next time we visit our friends and I am looking forward to visiting the other beautiful areas shown in the quiz results.


In Collaboration With Parkdean.

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    looks lovely!

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