I love making Bob’s birthday cakes! Every year I put a lot of thought into it and I really enjoy seeing my ideas come to life. I will still be making her a birthday cake when she is grown up whether she wants me to or not. 🙂


This year I couldn’t wait to make a fairy cake! I had a vision of an amazing creation with many fairies and woodland creatures but, as usual, time was a problem. There needs to be more hours in a day! Especially hours when children are asleep! In the end I had to settle for one fairy but I was still pleased with the result.


Molly loved the cake and she enjoyed ‘helping’ me to make the figures. We made hedgehogs that were supposed to be going on the cake, in the end Bob’s was flat and mine had lost it’s spikes. Oh dear Bob! I loved the hedgehog before he was ‘helped’ though and I am planning a mini ‘how to’ post.


She was very pleased when she got to blow out the candles at her party!




I also made some cupcakes for the party. Some were chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and ladybirds and the others were plain cake with jam and icing flowers. In hindsight I would not put the ladybirds and leaves onto the cakes until just before they are going to be eaten as the moisture from the frosting made the leaves go soft.


Everyone enjoyed the cupcakes and I made sure that I made enough for the adults too!


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    These look brilliant!! x


    They look amazing (just as I knew they would!!)

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