Oct 232014

This week is the last week that we will have to commute to Nottinghamshire.

The last month has been hard. We have not know whether we were coming or going!

I am looking forward to being in our new home for more than a couple of nights. We have a week off next week and we can’t wait to explore! There seems to be so many lovely places to visit and it will be nice to have the time.

I have been a baking maniac over the last couple of days. When you are leaving and people know that you can bake they expect cakes. I don’t like to disappoint!



We still haven’t got a phone line and as we are going to be up there permanently my blog might be a bit quiet but I am hoping that we will be back online soon!

I have so much to tell you about, including Bob’s first sex ed lesson which resulted in her loudly shouting, ‘Willy,’ the first time we visited our new local pub.

Will catch up as soon as I can.

Hope you are all well! x

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