I love making party food match the theme of a party!

I was very excited about the food I was going to make for Bob’s Woodland Fairy Party. I researched ideas on Pinterest and I couldn’t wait!

I was most excited about making cheese and tomato toadstools. These looked amazing and I didn’t think they sounded that difficult to make. I was wrong. You place half a cherry tomato onto a cube of cheese. That’s the easy part. You then put cream cheese dots on to the tomato. This was a nightmare! I thought about piping the dots on but the needed to be so small. In the end I dotted each one with a cocktail stick. It took forever! Luckily my friend Emily arrived when I was halfway through and took over otherwise I may have cracked.


I also loved the idea of making hedgehogs with food on sticks. On Pinterest I had seen these done with cubes of food but they didn’t really look like spikes. I had the idea of piercing sausages lengthways and I loved the result!



I thought about cutting sandwiches into shapes but I was worried about making these in advance. There is nothing worse than curly sandwiches. I then had the idea of making shaped pizzas! I bought some pizza bases and cut them into flower shapes. I used Bob’s plastic cookie cutter which was hard work. It would have been better to use a metal one. I then added pizza base and cheese and placed a slice of cherry tomato in the middle for the centre of the flower.



I made puff pastry snails with cheese and ham but I don’t have a photo of these. I bought ready rolled puff pastry and laid ham and cheese on top, leaving a space of a couple of centimetres at one end. I then rolled it up and when I got near the end I rolled the opposite way to make the snails head. These puffed up more than I was expecting but they looked fun and tasted great!

Our house has a habit of losing plastic jugs and bowls. I buy some every year and they vanish! They are obviously hiding somewhere with all the teaspoons and odd socks! I needed to buy some more bowls for the party but I didn’t want to spend a fortune. I decided to use plant pots as these were in keeping with the theme and they are very cheap! They looked great!


We had rainbow drops as I am sure that fairies eat these! We should have had white candy floss as well as I am convinced they eat clouds too!


We also had twigs (twiglets) but the children weren’t very keen on these so I had to bring out the Pom Bears.


I made orange and blueberry butterflies and hungry caterpillars out of green grapes with a cherry tomato for their heads. I didn’t manage to get a photo of these though.


There was also plenty of cake! I will tell you all about Bob’s birthday cake and the cupcakes very soon.

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    Oh my goodness, you’re so clever. I would never have come up with anything like that. CK’s having his first proper party in October and already I’m sweating about it.


    I so need to know how to wrangle an invite for next year!!

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