I can’t believe how fast this year is going! My friend said that to me the other day and I was confused for a moment as I thought it was only May!

I am so far behind in life and in blogging! I still haven’t shared all of Bob’s birthday party posts with you.

The party activity that I had the most fun planning was the fairy hunt. I had planned a fairy hunt around the orchard. I bought some jars and some magnifying glasses and I wanted to hide little fairy dolls in the trees for the children to find.



Unfortunately the weather had other ideas. It rained so much on the day of Bob’s party that an outdoor fairy hunt was out of the question.

We made the most of it and I sent one of the older children to hide the fairies around the house. I gave each child a jar and told them to get it ready for their fairy. They filled it with raffia and a sprinkle of glitter then they were ready to go on a fairy hunt.



The children enjoyed searching for the fairies and they loved being able to take their new friend home.


It would have been better if it could have been outside but the children still had a lovely time.



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I also have a new Party Planning button which makes me smile!


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  5 Responses to “We’re Going On A Fairy Hunt”


    What a wonderful idea…..It looks like everyone had a great time x


    Just so you know if I ever have a child I am basically going to pull out all of your parties and do them one by one. That sounds like such an amazing activity – is it wrong that I want to go on a fairy hunt?!


    I love kids parties yours looked lovely the kids faces around the table just magic. I love the idea for the fairy jars my daughter is 3 and a huge fairy believer I am thinking she would love this as a mummy and her activity she has 3 much older brothers so any chance of girlie fun she simply grabs at . well done I bet your little one was so proud on the day .

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