Bob loves many of the Disney Princesses. She has a Disney Princess bedroom and she is so excited about her Disney Princess birthday party next month.

The other day we decided to have a little princess tea party with some of the tableware that we have been sent from Party Box.


They have sent us lots of lovely things for Bob’s party, including lots of yellow crepe paper streamers which I am going to use in the Tangled game. I am planning on getting the children to tangle up their partners with the streamers. 🙂 Watch this space!

We had a lovely tea party!


The dolls only had knitted food, we saved the real food for ourselves. 🙂


Bertie Bear (the take home bear from Bob’s nursery) also joined us.


Bob cannot wait for her party and I am very excited too! I am just worried that I am running out of time. There are invitations and cakes to make and I am also planning on half making the party bags this year. 🙂

I apologise now for the crazy amount of party posts that will be happening over the next couple of months. 🙂

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    That looks like a fab party and I love the photo of Bob looking at her princess dollies enjoying the tea party – she looks so happy. What a fun thing to do and love the knitted food!

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