I enjoy making cakes but I do not trust my talents. I am my own worst critic and I like to do as much of the detail in advance as possible. I have thought about doing shaped cakes but I would worry about leaving so much detail until the last minute. I prefer to have everything done and then make a simple iced cake for the decorations to go on just before the event.

Bob wanted a princess castle cake this year. My friend made a frozen castle cake recently and she used Swiss rolls for the turrets. I knew these wouldn’t be able to be made in advance so I thought of another solution.


I decided to make them out of cardboard and then cover them in icing. I knew they wouldn’t be edible but as I was cutting the cake I could make sure that nobody discovered that. That was until I gave away my big secret on my blog. 🙂 I used kitchen roll tubes and rolled cones out of a sheet of cardboard.

I then rolled out icing and stuck it to the cardboard. As the turrets were inedible anyway I used children’s glue rather than edible glue as I wasn’t convince that edible glue could stick cardboard.

Before I attached the cone roof I piped green stems on each turret and stuck on blue icing flowers. In hindsight I should have done this after I had attached the roof! After I assembled my turrets I left them to dry. I came back to find that the glue had run down the turret and taken the green piping  with it. I wiped of the icing, managed to turn the turrets to a position where the glue dent wasn’t as visible and waited until the glue had dried before re piping.


I thought about making icing Disney princesses but time was running out. I looked at buying some cake decorations but they weren’t very good. They looked very cheap with dodgy features but they cost £5.99 each. In the end I bought some Magiclip dolls. I bought 6 for £24.99 which was cheaper than buying 6 cake toppers and Bob would have them to play with afterwards. She used to have a couple of these and she loved them. One day when we were out Sally found them. I have been meaning to replace them.

I  iced a cake board in green and added some icing flowers. I then baked an 8″ & a 6″ chocolate cake and covered them in pink icing. I like my cakes to be moist. This is good for eating but not good for icing. My chocolate cake turned out more squished than usual which made the cakes almost impossible to ice. It nearly sent a pregnant lady over the edge! I assembled the cake and the turrets then added an icing door, a few butterflies and the dolls.

I could see the flaws (the glue dent haunted me) but I don’t think anyone else noticed. Bob loved it which is all that matters!


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    That’s so amazing, you are putting my recent creations to shame! Although you have also inspired me to share some of my recent creations on my blog!

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