I like to make lots of things for Bob’s parties. I know you can buy perfectly lovely things but making them makes it feel more special.

I found a lovely idea for some Disney Princess party bags on Pinterest. Party Box sent me some plain coloured party bags which were perfect for the project. I then printed and cut out the toppers.

I stuck 2 princess toppers together to make them double sided. I then made a 1cm cut in each corner of the bag. This meant that I could fold down the edges to give the top of the bags a neat finish.


I then attached a topper to each bag with selotape, matching the colour of the bag with the colour of their dresses.

I filled the bags with goodies to give the dresses their shape. I then put a loom band around each princesses waist.

I was a bit wary of using loom bands as I know they can be a bit dangerous but they were perfect for the job and I warned parents about them.


I was really pleased with the end result and I think the children loved them too!


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  10 Responses to “Disney Princess Party – D.I.Y. Party Bags”


    what a great idea and so much fun. I love Pinterest for ideas, there are so many fabulous things to make x


    I can’t believe how simple these are to make but how cute they look! I really need to find an excuse to make them myself 😉 x


    They are fantastic! So cute! What a great idea!


    It has been far to long since I popped by for a visit, hope you and yours are all fine? Those party bags are sooo cool!


    I love this! I want some of these for my birthday next week aha, they’re wonderful, it was such a good idea.


    Oh these are fantastic, so cute, what a lovely idea for a party. x


    These are amazing! I wish I was more creative and could do things like this for Stacey and Oscar’s party’s. They’d look like a toddler had created them if I did though lol.

    Louise x

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