When planning a party I love having a theme to base everything on. I think a party bag is much more fun when it’s contents match the theme of the party!

The party bags for the Woodland Fairy Party had some lovely things in. I wondered if it would be silly to put my name on one. 😉 You can see my post about the party bags and their contents here.

One of the items was a bird warbler.


When these arrived Bob and I tried them and they didn’t make much noise. I thought that this wasn’t great but at least it meant the party would be quieter.


This would have been the case but my friend kindly pointed out that you had to fill them with water. 😉


Soon my house was filled with the sound of warbling and there were puddles all over the floor.


The children loved it though so it was well worth the headache and the mess!


Some of them even got creative with how they could play them 🙂


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    Looks like a brilliant party!

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