My friends regularly despair of me when I dress up Sally. She has a few little jumpers which I think look fab but my husband refuses to walk her in them and my friends think I’m nuts. I can’t wait for their reaction to this post!

George at Asda asked me if Sally would like to model one of their Halloween outfits and I of course said yes! They have a range of Halloween outfits for dogs and, as Sally will be coming trick or treating with Bob, my nephew and myself on Friday she needed a Halloween costume!

My favourites were their gorgeous witch dress, the devil with sequinned horns and wings and the Frankenstein costumes.

In the end I decided to let Sally model the devil outfit as I thought she would object the least to this. The costume is made up of a little red cape which velcros around her neck and under her tummy and some horns which are attached to a headband.


I thought it looked fab!


Sally wasn’t too impressed with having to be my model but I am sure when she realises that wearing the costume will get her dog biscuits when we go trick or treating she will realise it is worthwhile.


I am really looking forward to Halloween this year! Every year I sit with a huge bowl of sweets waking for the trick or treaters to arrive and they never show up. I am hoping that there will be lots of trick or treaters in our new village and we are going to call at a few of the houses where we know people are friendly.


Happy Halloween everyone!

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    oh just look at her! Poor dog

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