I have a new obsession! You may have heard of a crazy cat lady. Many years from now I will be referred to as the crazy Cabbage Patch Lady!

When I was younger I really wanted a Cabbage Patch Kid. I remember asking for one for Christmas when I was younger. My mum asked me if I wouldn’t prefer a brussel sprout kid.

On Christmas morning I found a brussel sprout kid in my stocking. My mum had stuck hair and eyes on to a brussel sprout. She is crazier than I am!

Under the tree there were 2 Cabbage Patch Kids. I loved them!

I have no idea where they are now. They are one of the many toys I wish I had held on to but you never think at the time.

I wanted to get an 80’s Cabbage Patch Kid so I started searching eBay. I didn’t realise but no 2 Cabbage Patch Kids are the same, unless they are twins. 🙂 Many different head moulds are used and there are are various hair styles and hair and eye colours.

I became slightly obsessed with finding the perfect Cabbage Patch Kid. There are several on eBay but many of them aren’t vintage. The vintage ones are mostly in America and some are in desperate need of some TLC.

Eventually I found the perfect girl! I had to pay to have her shipped from America but I love her!


My husband thinks I have lost the plot as I keep saying how much she looks like us. 😉 She has brown hair like Michael and brown eyes and one dimple like me. I keep winding him up asking him to look after her. I hope he realises that I am joking!


Not long after I bought her I saw a few original dolls become available in England. These didn’t have their original clothes and they needed a make over. I decide to buy a couple and remake them.

I have bought a Cabbage Patch Kids vintage clothing pattern and I am going to make them new outfits. Then, if I can bear to part with them, I might find them new homes.

I am even wondering about having an adoption page on my blog. I told you I was the crazy cabbage patch lady! 🙂

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    It’s good that you have a hobby… *backing away slowly from the blog*


    Hi, is this doll for adoption?


    Hi, I have just stumbled across your page while searching for an original Charlotte Cabbage Patch doll that I had as a little girl and now would love for my little daughter. Can you confirm for me if this is indeed the Charlotte doll from the 80’s?

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