I love the websites that tell you how big your baby is each week in comparison to a piece of fruit or a vegetable. I had the idea of buying a dress covered in fruit and taking my photo holding each fruit each week.

Buying a dress was easier said than done. I eventually found one on eBay. I am not sure how much longer it will fit me. I am hoping I will be able to cut the elastic when it gets too tight and still be able to wear it for the photographs.

I then looked at a couple of fruit charts and decided to use the ones from The Bump, Baby Centre and parents.com. Some of them are really confusing as sometimes it is to do with the weight of the fruit and other times it is to do with the length.

I compared the sites and chose my favourite fruit for each week. Occasionally I have substituted the fruit for one that is the same size but nicer. I didn’t use any science in choosing my substitutes so don’t quote me on these. I will tell you which weeks I have changed.

As with my weekly pregnancy updates, I have been taking a fruit photograph since I was 5 weeks pregnant. As I am now 16 weeks I have quite a back log to get through. Sorry in advance for the pregnancy spam!

Week 5 – My baby is the size of an apple pip

This was the first fruit photograph that I took and I began to doubt my idea. The apple pip was so tiny it was hard to photograph. Hopefully you can see it. 🙂


Bob heard the click of the camera and ran to have her photo taken. I took the photos using the timer and the only one I managed to capture before she got bored is a bit blurry but I love that she was involved!


I am planning to involve her more in the coming weeks. We are going to taste each fruit and see what she thinks. 🙂

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  5 Responses to “The Size Of An Apple Pip”


    Awww so cute!! I love the photo of you two together. What a great idea with the dress and the fruit =) Can’t wait to see more bump pictures =)


    What a fab idea! Looking forward to seeing the next ones!


    I think it’s a great idea, and it’s a lovely way to show your children (and yourself) how the baby is growing week-by-week. I also think you’re totally right to do a ‘catch up’ now that your preganacy is stronger x


    A photo of the three of you – fab! Brilliant idea, and I am loving the baby spam!

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