This post was written on the 31st of January whilst I was still keeping my pregnancy a secret.

I have heard it said that no two pregnancies are alike. If mine are anything to go by that’s true.

I never suffered with morning sickness in my first trimester with Bob but I did suffer from all day sickness in my third. I ended up being hospitalised as I was severely dehydrated. In the beginning I never felt sick.

With this pregnancy I feel sick most of the time. I get a couple of hours grace in the morning (ironic considering it’s called morning sickness) and then the nausea starts. It continues through out the day and peaks around 7pm with either me being ill or lying on the sofa feeling dreadful.

The only thing that pauses the nausea is eating and, although I am trying very hard, it is impossible to eat constantly all day long.

I also feel much more tired this time around but that’s probably because Bob keeps me on my toes.

I remember being bloated very early on with Bob and I am this time around too. If possible my tummy is even bigger. Again, it is alright in the morning but as soon as I eat anything it blows up. I don’t know how I am going to keep this pregnancy a secret until I am 12 weeks.

In a strange way I love all of my horrible symptoms. It reassures me that my pregnancy is progressing and increases my hopes that this one will be successful.


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    I know exactly what you mean about wanting the symptoms. Today I’ve had a very weirdly normal day and it feels a bit odd! Sorry to hear about the dehydration. That sounds really tough x


      It was quite tough. I ended up with keytones and had to be attached to a drip for what seemed like forever. Hoping that doesn’t happen again. Now that we are in our second pregnancy we are supposed to be blooming so try not to worry. Unfortunately I am still waiting for that phase! 🙂 xxx


    Oh how exciting, I do love reading pregnancy updates. It’s awful isn’t it ‘morning’ sickness. I hope that it fades soon, though I do totally understand about wanting some symptoms!
    Hope you are feeling ok now, and that everything is going well.


    Hope things ease up soon. Congratulations & bug hugs x


    You look amazing, I am so happy for you! Although as a young, not yet having a baby woman I never know how much of a good idea reading pregnancy stuff is – might horrify me and put me off forever :0)

    Look after yourself!


    That all day nausea is just horrible and so much harder when you have a little one to look after too. I ‘popped’ a lot earlier with my second as well and people were already guessing before I hit 12 weeks – had one lady at church ask me at 10 weeks if I was expecting twins (which I wasn’t but I couldn’t say one way or another at that point as we hadn’t even had a scan!) Hope the nausea has eased up now.

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