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This post was written on the 21st of January whilst I was still keeping my pregnancy a secret.

My husband and I had been trying for a baby for a couple of months. In November I had a feeling that I might be pregnant. From the day that I ovulated I was obsessed with bacon. I normally like bacon but I could not get enough of it! After about a week I also wanted to pour the salt pot into my mouth but I restrained.

A couple of days before my period was due I took a test and it was positive. We were really pleased!

We worked out that our baby would be due in August and although it was far too early to tell I was convinced it was a boy. With Bob I craved candy floss so I was convinced that craving salt meant it was a boy.

A couple of weeks later I started to spot. I spotted slightly with Bob so I thought we might still be alright. It was Saturday so there wasn’t much that I could do other than wait.

On Sunday the bleeding started. I knew that the worst was happening.

It was very upsetting and I was shocked to find out that 1 in 5 pregnancies end in miscarriage. Some babies are just to good for this world!

We began trying again as soon as we could. I read many stories of babies that are conceived after a miscarriage and found out that they are called ‘Rainbow Babies’ as they are the beauty that comes after the storm. This made me smile as I hoped for a Rainbow baby of our own.

We were very fortunate and we managed to conceive again after a couple of months.


I was so pleased but also so terrified. I kept wondering what I could do to make this one stick. I know the miscarriage wasn’t down to anything I did or didn’t do, it’s all about the chromosomes, but I couldn’t help thinking that I could do something to make a difference.

I also couldn’t allow myself to get excited about the pregnancy. I now knew that being pregnant didn’t necessarily mean that I was going to have a baby. I began counting the days until my first scan.

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    Sorry to hear about what happened and must have been a blow, but saying that I congratulate you both on your new pregnancy I hope all goes well for you 🙂

    Have a tanfastic week 🙂


    Love you loads xxx


    Bless you Charlotte. I know exactly how you must have felt, as I miscarried my very first pregnancy in 1980. Happily, as you know we went on to have three healthy, bouncing boys! Fortunately not from the same pregnancy – triplets eek! Hope you are feeling well and good wishes and love to you all xxx


      Sorry to hear that Sue! Must be even harder being you first. I got through mine by counting my lucky stars that I had Bob. Glad all worked out in the end for you and glad it wasn’t triplets! xxxx


    Sorry to hear about this, I can’t imagine what it must be like, but I can imagine that it does make pregnancy afterwards even more nerve-wracking. Thank you for sharing.


      It stops you taking things for granted. With Bob I never expected anything other than holding my healthy baby at the end of my pregnancy. Luckily that’s what happened. xxx


    So sorry to hear about your miscarriage – my first pregnancy ended in miscarriage too and it does make you more nervous with subsequent ones. The term rainbow baby is a beautiful one and congratulations on expecting yours. Hope all is going well x

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