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16 weeks pregnant – our baby is the size of a avocado

I felt like a terribly mean mummy this week!

Bob has tried guacamole before and liked it so I thought she would like avocado.


She was keen to try it and even wanted to taste the skin.


I cut it open and she was very impressed with the slimy stone!


The avocado may have been a bit under ripe. Maybe Bob knew this because as soon as I cut her a piece to try she became very scared!


She eventually got over her fear and suspiciously decided to try some.


She hated it! She reacted as if I had just got her to taste dog poo! 


I worried that there was something wrong with the avocado and tried it to make sure. As it was under ripe it didn’t really taste of anything so I have no idea why she reacted like she did. 

Never mind Bob! Next week the baby is the size of an onion. Your favourite! 😉


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 Posted by Charlotte on June 4, 2015 Pregnancy & Childbirth  Add comments

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    As a child I never liked avocado’s either, until I had a cooked one once (no idea why my folks decided feeding me a cooked one would be a good idea, but there you go!) However, now I can’t get enough of them – just a thought!

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