This post was written on the 20th April

My arm got gradually better throughout last week. Most of our boxes are now unpacked and I am hoping that the few that are left will magically unpack themselves. It hasn’t happened yet though.

My appointment with the midwife went well and we got to listen to the babies heartbeat which was wonderful and reassuring!

I am surprised at how few midwife appointments you have now. I am not seeing the midwife again until I am 32 weeks. I am sure that I went to see my midwife every couple of weeks when I was pregnant with Bob. She also gave me my anti D injections but these are now given at the hospital.

I have been to see a midwife twice during this pregnancy and it was a different one each time, neither of which are my named midwife. It is much less personal than it used to be. My midwife Ann practically moved in after I had Bob as we had various problems. This time I am not even sure who I would call if anything was wrong. I am sure it is all down to funding. What a difference a few years make!


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