Still catching up with the posts that I wrote whilst I was keeping my pregnancy a secret.

8 weeks pregnant – our baby is the size of a raspberry.

I had initially thought about including an update on my babies development in each of my fruit posts but I have been too busy waffling on about the fun we had whilst taking the photos.

This weeks photo was quite uneventful as Bob decided she didn’t like the raspberries very much and she was busy watching Peppa Pig. I am waiting patiently for the day that she has grown out of Peppa Pig!

As I didn’t have much to tell you about the photo taking I thought I’d include a little baby update in today’s post.

At 8 weeks my baby is starting to look like a tiny baby and not an alien. it’s arms and legs have formed and it’s fingers and toes are now only slightly webbed. It has even lost it’s tail. 🙂 I find it quite funny that babies have tails early on.

It’s facial features started to develop at 6 weeks and many of it’s organs have formed. I can’t believe how quickly they change from a tiny blob into a tiny baby!

I had better stop refering to this baby as a blob, otherwise we will have 2 Bobs on our hands. 🙂


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    Congratulations! So exciting! 🙂 xx

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