This post was written on the 21st February whilst I was still keeping my pregnancy a secret.

I am not sure if it is my ongoing bloating or my growing tummy but I had to unbutton my jeans for this week’s photograph. I have also resorted to using the hair bobble trick on a daily basis.


When I was pregnant with Bob I invested in a belly band. This was a waste of money as I only ever used the small one and I never used it with the pieces of material. It was just a glorified hair bobble really. I did love the bump cover that I used in late pregnancy. This was only £5 from Topshop and it covered the gap left by my hair bobble and meant that I could still wear my jeans. I will definitely invest in one of these again.

My boobs are expanding as well as my tummy. They are also ridiculously painful. I have had to stop Bob from bouncing on them. It is not intentional but she always manages to aim for my boobs.

I have also noticed some bright red dots on my boobs. It looks like Bob has been playing dot to dot on the with a red biro. 😉 I don’t remember these from my last pregnancy but after asking Dr. Google I have been reassured that they are nothing to worry about. They are just another lovely side affect of my ever increasing hormones.


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