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40 weeks pregnant – Our baby is the size of a pumpkin

When I found out that I was going to be induced before I was full term I was disappointed that I wouldn’t be able to take a 40 weeks fruit photo.  Although the idea of my baby being the size of a pumpkin scared me, I was looking forward to completing my fruit salad collage.

Imagine my delight when I found this gorgeous little hat! I would be able to take my ‘The Size Of A Pumpkin’ photo after all!


When I first had the crazy idea of taking a fruit photo each week I didn’t realise how much fun we would have! Each week Bob has tasted the fruit or vegetable and some of her reactions have been priceless! The avocado face is still my favourite although her pomegranate face is a close competitor!


When I bought my fruit dress I didn’t think it would fit me throughout my pregnancy. I thought I would have to cut the elasticated waist. Unbelievably it fit until the end. It was very snug though and I wouldn’t have wanted to be seen in it. Luckily I have been cropping my fruit photos so you have been spared the full effect.


I love that I have managed to take a photo to represent each week of my pregnancy. I used information from The Bump, Baby Centre and I had to jiggle the fruit and veg a bit and use my common sense as I hadn’t heard of some of the things that were listed and I didn’t fancy my chances of locating a jack fruit.

I am even more impressed that I have reached the end of this challenge than I was when I completed my pregnancy collage as this involved finding and organising fruit & veg. I have loved sharing my pregnancy with Bob and being able to give her a size comparison for each week was lovely.

pregnant with a second child

She loved her baby brother before he was born and she has made a wonderful big sister!


To see my first post and read about the madness behind this idea click here. This page also includes links to al of my fruit salad posts. 🙂

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  13 Responses to “The Size Of A Pumpkin”


    Wow! That’s such a brilliant way of documenting your pregnancy, and congratulations on the birth of your baby. #NWBloggers


    I love that last photo so much. Such a wonderful smile for his big sister. And that hat was definitely meant to be, it’s like the perfect end to your series 🙂


    What a brilliant challenge and huge congratulations to you. These pictures (and your wonderful baby) are beautiful. You are looking amazing too – Fabulous dress!


    Aaah looks at how much he loves her already!! That last photograph is so precious! Congratulations 🙂 What a lovely way to document your pregnancy. That dress will hold such a lot of memories in the future — you’ll never want to part with it!!


    Congratulations on the birth of your baby boy! What beautiful photos. x


    That’s a lovely idea. I have never even though of that.


    Congratulations. A lovely way to document your pregnancy and growth of your baby. What an adorable little pumpkin you have, beautiful!


    Love the last photo. What a fab challenge and lovely photos throughout x


    What a great way of documenting your pregnancy! Such lovely photos. Congratulations! x


    That’s such a lovely idea! Definitely remembering that one for next time! Xx


    Thank you! xx


    Ah love it! x x


    I loved the fruit and veg idea it was definitely a concept I had not heard of before. Your babies are so adorable x

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