Don’t panic, I am not pregnant again! 🙂 I am just catching up and giving myself a chance to get over the trauma of childbirth before writing about it.

Written on the 28th September

Today I would have been 40 weeks pregnant but instead I am in hospital holding my beautiful baby boy in my arms!

On Saturday the 26th of September At 11.17pm Bow was born. He weighed 7lb 9oz.

I came into hospital to be induced on Thursday. We are still here due to all of the complications but we are hoping that they will let us go home soon.

I will tell you all about his birth in detail later when I have stopped having painful flashbacks. For now here is the summary.

I had hallucinations, the induction drip, 4 lots of anti biotic drips, a drip for keytones and a hormone drip because I lost a lot of blood. I also had a threatened c section because the baby was in distress and in the wrong position, a huge episiotomy, a tear, second degree muscle damage and forceps.

We are totally in love with our beautiful new bundle and he is so worth it but he is definitely the last one!


I wanted to take a photograph of me in the same outfit that I wore for my pregnancy photos holding Bow. I was so sore that the thought of wearing jeans was horrendous so I had to use a photo of my baby boy instead.

I can’t believe I have finished my collage! I also can’t believe the difference in the size of my thighs!

growing pregnancy bump

I suppose I had better start writing about Bow’s birth now that my Pregnancy Diaries are finished. Wish me luck!

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