I spent a lot of last week writing about Bow’s birth. It took me a while to get into the right mindset and, if I am honest, I didn’t think I was ready to make sense of it all. I really wanted to publish his birth story before his development posts though so I sat down and started to write.

Surprisingly, the words poured out of me. Unfortunately they didn’t stop! I wanted to publish his birth story as one post like I did with Bob’s but when I copied and pasted it into a word document I realised it was 3,116 words long! I thought that may be a bit much, even after editing, so I have split it up into days. Yes, you read that right. Unfortunately Bow’s birth took days.

I was disappointed about having to split up the story as I have a great opening line which only makes sense once you reach a certain part of the story. Oh well, it will have to be a cliff hanger. You can find out what I am waffling on about in part 3.

Day 1, Thursday the 24th September

On Saturday the 26th September 2015, I gave birth to my beautiful baby boy 27 times!

It all began on Thursday the 24th. I rang the hospital first thing in the morning to be given a time to go in to be induced. Things hadn’t started on their own like I had hoped. I was told to go in straight away.

I was so nervous! I had hoped to avoid induction after what happen with Bob but as I had gestational diabetes I wasn’t allowed to reach full term. (I would be 40 weeks on Monday the 28th.) knowing I wouldn’t be given the induction gel again helped to settle my nerves! As I had a history of being hypersensitive to it they decided to try propess. Apparently this was much more gradual and could be removed if needed.

When I arrived at the hospital the midwife explained what was going to happen. I was to be given propess. This is a piece of elastic (or at least that’s what it looked like) which is soaked in the induction hormone. This is placed behind the cervix for 24 hours.

Before they inserted the pessary they checked to see how many centimetres dialated I was. I was disappointed to find out that I was still only 1cm. Although I hadn’t had any contractions that I was aware of, I was 1cm dialated when I went into hospital to have the baby turned a week ago. Since then I had eaten my weight in pineapple, walked miles and been given a stretch and sweep.

The midwife inserted the pessary at around 9.30am. I expected things to happen quite quickly after last time. At 5pm I started having some mild pains but it was nothing that could be timed.

Bob and her Gran came to join us for dinner in the hospital grounds. Once induction has started you are not allowed to leave the premises. It was lovely to see her and to get off the ward for a while.

When we were walking back from the canteen I saw a huge rainbow above the hospital! As I was about to have my rainbow baby I thought that it must be a sign that things would start happening soon.


a rainbow for a rainbow baby

At 10pm things were still the same so the midwife told Michael to go home and get some rest. I managed to get a bit of sleep between having my blood pressure taken, my blood sugar level monitored and constantly needing to go for a wee. I also found it difficult to sleep when there were no distractions. I couldn’t help wondering when I would get to hold my baby in my arms. I hoped that it wouldn’t be too long!

You can read my next post here. Bow’s Birth Story – Day 2 (The Party)

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  18 Responses to “Bow’s Birth Story – Day 1 (The Calm Before The Storm)”


    Wow, that first line really draws you in, I am really intrigued and can’t wait to read part 2!


    Naughty baba making you wait! I must confess I waited as long as poss to go to hospital with Rosalie. Nick was pulling his hair out. It meant for a rather uncomfortable 30 minutes drive to the hospital too! At least you were in the right place and it won’t be long till you meet your baby xx


    I want to read more!!!!!! I love birth stories, and I’m so intrigued!


    Very intrigued to find out what you mean by giving birth to your son 27 times. Can’t wait to find out!



    Oh how exciting – I love the fact you saw a rainbow – how magical! Kaz x


    27 times?? I’m still trying to digest that opening line… Can’t wait until part 2!


    Interested in reading part two! xx


    I’ll be following this post. I love the rainbow over the hospital. I bet it was a bit of a comfort to you (though it sounds like you’d still have a long way to go). Looking forward to part 2.


    I love that you got a rainbow for your rainbow baby, what a beautiful sign.


    How beautiful that you saw a rainbow. Looking forward to reading part 2 xx


    I love that you saw a rainbow! What a lovely image. I’ve already read part 2, party party! x


    How lovely to see a rainbow while getting ready to give birth to your rainbow baby xx


    How magical to see the rainbow like that. I look forward to reading more 🙂 x

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