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Bow’s Birth Story – Day 1

Day 2, Friday the 25th September

The next morning (24 hours after the pessary was inserted) they checked my cervix again. I was still 1cm! I was told that the pessary could be left in for 30 hours so they said they would check my cervix again at 5.30pm when they removed it. If nothing had happened by then they would try and break my waters before giving me the hormone drip. Things didn’t seem to progress. I was still having pains but nothing major.

When the midwife checked again she struggled to find my cervix. The propess had made it move higher up and it was very sensitive. I was surprised at how painful the examination was. Not surprisingly I was still 1cm. The midwife couldn’t break my waters as the baby’s head wasn’t in the right position. He was no longer breech but he was not yet engaged so my waters had to be broken by the doctor.

The doctor was a lady that I have seen a lot during my pregnancy so that put me at ease. She said she would try and break my waters but as my cervix was quite high it might not be possible. She gave me some gas and air to help with the process and eventually she managed to break them. I was given my first lot of anti biotics because I had tested positive for Strep B and then we waited.

Everyone was hopeful that things would start to happen. The doctor told me that we would wait 2 hours and see what was happening. I really wanted to avoid having the hormone drip so I tried my best to get labour started. From the time my waters were broken I did not sit down. I danced around the induction suite constantly. Luckily there were no other patients in there.

After a while I started having contractions which were about 6 minutes apart. My doctor’s shift finished at 8pm. As she could see that things were progressing and she knew that I didn’t want to be induced she said we could wait another 2 hours before starting the hormone drip.

My sister wanted to be with me for the birth and the midwife said that one way or another I would be having a baby soon so I called her and told her to come to the hospital. She came via the supermarket and picked up some supplies. When she arrived it looked like she was expecting us to be there for a week! She had an entire buffet in her bag. 🙂

A little while before I was due to be examined my contractions started to ease. I was not happy about this! I thought that the pains that I had been having must have done something though so I was hopeful. The midwife examined me at 10pm and I was 1cm. I wanted to cry!

I was extremely wary of having the induction drip. Several of my friends have had it and they had a long, painful labour only to end up having a Caesarean section as things weren’t progressing properly. The midwife told me not to worry. She said as this was my 2nd baby my body would know what to do. She also said that I should only need a small amount of the hormone just to give me a nudge.

I was given my 2nd anti biotic drip and then the hormone drip was started. When you are having the hormone drip you can’t eat anything. As soon as I was nil by mouth Emma & Michael opened the buffet. How mean! 😉

I started having some stronger contractions and I continued to dance my way through them. My midwife was lovely and she had a student with her. It was her first time on the labour ward. We all had a lovely time, dancing, laughing and joking. People kept popping their heads in to check if I was really in labour as from the corridor it sounded like we were having a party.

Every 30 minutes my hormone drip was increased and soon I was having strong contractions every couple of minutes. Everyone was pleased to see that things were finally progressing! I used dancing as pain relief for as long as I could and when things became too much I added gas and air to the fun.

the best birthing partner

We continued to party! Emma provided constant entertainment and we all had a giggle. The midwife had to keep telling her student that not all labours were this much fun. If only the party had continued!

To be continued.

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    I love reading birth stories! Sounds like your sister was a fab birthing partner! x


    Omg I’m laughing here. I can’t believe you could move at all. I progressed very quickly and was unable to move! Good for you making the most of it!


    oh boy what a story. My birth experience with my child was awful and lasted 3 days. Gald you had entertainment. 🙂 Angela x


    This has given me a bit of a giggle, I love that you danced your way through the pain!


    I was induced with my first baby who was two weeks late, and I had to have an emergency c-section. Very scary. Can’t wait to read your next instalment! Kaz x


    Nooo! You can’t stop there. I’m enjoying the party and desperate to know the next steps. I had the hormone drop with #3 and thought it was brilliant. Super speedy and she was here before I knew it. Hoping it all worked out how you wanted it – will be back for the after party x


    Oh wow! I don’t know how you moved during labour! I was stuck on the bed haha!


    haha good for you for being on your feet 🙂 looking forward to part 3. x


    Much love I had the drip with my son and a very slow 3 days in labour in the suite so I can totally sympathise xx


    Oh, I hope you ended up with the birth you wanted but it doesn’t sound likely by your last sentence! I will have to check back for the end of the story!xx


    What a brilliant way to labour! When’t the next bit…. you can’t leave us in suspense!!


    looking forward to hearing the rest, I love birth stories. Movement is such a great way of coping during labour isn’t it? x


    Looking forward to part three! x

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