This post was written on the 7th February whilst I was still keeping my pregnancy a secret.

I don’t know how I am going to keep this pregnancy a secret until after I have had my scan! Already I am suffering from terrible bloating! It gets gradually worse throughout the day and after dinner I am huge!

This week we have been out for 2 meals as we have had friends and family visiting. On the first occasion we went out for a Thai meal. I wore the only thing in my wardrobe that would fit me. The outfit was complemented by a stretchy belt. After dinner I had to remove my belt as I couldn’t breath!

For the second meal I was more prepared. I bought a shift dress that gave me plenty of room to expand. After dinner my dress was no longer baggy, in fact it was borderline body con!

I remember struggling with bloating when I was pregnant with Bob. We went to a wedding the week that I found out that I was pregnant and I really struggled to hide my bulge. Luckily the barman was in on my secret and was serving me lime and soda which everyone thought had vodka in it. Michael also helped by drinking 2 off everything when nobody was looking. To everyone else it looked like I had drunk my welcome drink and my champagne toast. Michael got very drunk but at least nobody was suspicious.

Again I am glad of the bloating as it reassures me that this pregnancy is progressing. I didn’t have any bloating last time. I can’t wait until my bloat is replaced with a baby bump!

I am already starting to feel tired as you can tell from my photograph.


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    Ok this is starting to make me a little broody!

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