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26 weeks pregnant – Our baby is the size of a lettuce

Bob isn’t usually a fan of lettuce. Whenever we have salad she will happily eat everything except the lettuce.

Today, for some reason, she decided she really liked it. So much so that she tried to take a bite out of the whole lettuce whilst I was still taking photos. πŸ™‚



I thought she was tricking me but, when I had finished with the lettuce, she sat on the sofa happily munching a leaf.


At 26 weeks our babies eyes have formed and soon he will start to open them. He even has eyelashes! πŸ™‚


To see my first post and read about the madness behind this idea click here.

 Posted by Charlotte on August 31, 2015 Pregnancy & Childbirth  Add comments

  13 Responses to “The Size Of A Lettuce”


    I love the idea of holding the object for the size- and even better if it encourages your daughter to eat her veg hahah x


    Interesting fact! It’s odd to think how big they are in relation to things we can hold in our hands now! x

    Natasha Kendall | Beauty and Lifestyle


    I love it when the baby sites compare the size to an object as it gives you a true reflection of just how big they have gotten.


    Oh wow amazing to think he has eyes and they will soon open and even has tiny eyelashes. x


    I love this! Such a great idea and so much fun! So funny that your little one decided the lettuce suddenly looked tastey!


    Love this idea. I wish I had done it it with my children. x


    I love this idea, its so cute! Not long to go x


    Awww such lovely photos – it seems like Bob is really enjoying these pregnancy update photos =D


    Bob is so cute munching on her lettuce leaf. Congrats. to you and your family on the great news!


    Such a cute post and a great idea ! Love it and best wishes

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