Written on the 29th June

I stupidly thought that I could avoid buying maternity clothes this time around. They are so expensive and you only get to wear them for a short amount of time and I couldn’t help thinking that they were a waste of money.

I have plenty of dresses that were a couple of sizes too big when I became pregnant and I thought that these would fit me throughout my pregnancy. I was wrong. They may have extra inches in them but they do not allow you to comfortably carry a beach ball around under them.

The weather has been getting warmer and it has forecast 26 degrees next week. I have been feeling so uncomfortable that I caved. I already have a pair of maternity jeans as I knew I couldn’t live without these. I have just ordered a few t shirts and dresses that are made to accommodate a bump. I can’t wait to feel comfortable again!


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    I understand you’d rather avoid maternity clothes all along but it’s good that you didn’t need to wear them till the 27th week.

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